Lasco Soaking Tubs Can Complete Any Bathroom

Lasco was begun 1965. Items like Lasco soaking tubs are what the company is built on. Besides tubs, Lasco builds a wide range of bath related fixtures. Lasco has eight manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and their products represent 25% of the bath fixtures found in American homes. Their primary market is new home construction. They include showers, tubs with jets and whirlpools and steam showers in their product line. Their current catalog shows 58 different models of soaking tubs alone.

The smallest tub available is 54″ long with the longest coming in at 72″. There’s frequently interest in small tubs for bathrooms with limited space. It’s nice to see a company that takes the needs of larger, taller people into consideration also. Many of the tubs are available as either soaker or whirlpool tubs. All of the baths in the Lasco line are designed to be built into an alcove or surround. At this time they don’t appear to offer any free standing or walk-in model tubs. What they lack in walk-in tubs they more than make up for in easy access showers and steam baths.

The majority of the soaker baths in the Lasco line are either rectangular or oval in shape. There are other shapes available including round, bowed, and corner baths, but these shapes are all in the series that incorporates jacuzzis or whirlpools. Because they’re all molded from either acrylic or Lascoat (a fiberglass reinforced gelcoat) many of the tubs include slip resistant textured bottoms, built-in armrests, and ergonomic backrests. These are all small features but they can go a long way toward making the bathing experience more pleasant. While many of the tubs are a standard depth, 14″-17″, some are as deep as 23.5″ which makes for a deeper bath. All of the models in the Lasco line are designed to be reclined or partially reclined in. No built-in stools like you’ll find in some types of Asian baths.

Lasco offers it tubs in in five different series. The materials that the tubs are made of and their appointments are what differentiate each series. Because of this there is a broad range of prices for the different models. The series range from the exclusive Radius Series which can include whirlpools and LEDs to the plainer Builders Choice series in either acrylic or Lascoat.

Unique Ideas For Personalised Kids Gifts – Room Ideas

There are so many gift ideas and so little time to choose. A quick and unique way to choose a special present for your loved one is to have a gift personalised for them. A picture frame is a great present to have personalised. Children can place their favourite photo inside the frame covered with their name. Have their name or initials placed once or many times around the photo frame. Another unique idea is to purchase a personalised door sign that can be hung outside of a bedroom door. Your child can feel in charge by hanging a sign telling people to “keep out” of his room.

Children love writing, drawing, and stickers. Stationary, bookmarks, and stickers are all unique personalised gift ideas for kids. Kids can write notes to their friends or loved ones featuring their name up top. Children can give out stickers that are different from any that their friends may have. An easy way to brand almost anything with your child’s name is a stamp set. Your child can simply press the stamper down into coloured ink and personalise whatever they choose to. Personalised pencils are highly sought after because it is a great way to make your child feel special while doing work at school, homework at home, or simply writing for fun.Most children are computer savvy pretty early on in life so a personalised mouse pad might be that special gift that they are looking for.

Personalised pursesare a sweet and girly way to make your princess feel important while she totes her special trinkets around. While you are at it, have a brush and comb set as well as a walletpersonalised with her name to be carried in her special purse. A couple of unique personalised gift ideas for kids that can make their room feel all their own is a personalised sheet set with pillow caseand personalised cloth with towel set. Your child will feel extra comfy going to bed at night on top of a sheet and pillow that has their name engraved on it. Bath time can’t get any more special than having your own personalised cloth and towel set.

If you want a gift that will continue to spark memories throughout a lifetime then consider having a keepsake personalised. A jewellery box can be used throughout time and you can choose from musical boxes or silent. Have your child’s name engraved into the jewellery box to last forever.

Laptop skin and cell phone skin are becoming increasingly popular and are quite easy to use. The skins can now be personalised with an image or a name. Simply press it against the gadget of your choice and it’s ready to be presented to your child. Laptop and cell phone are amongst many kids’favourite items so it would be hard to go wrong with these gadgets. Your child has seen many gadgets before but they will feel more special and will be more surprised when opening one of these unique ideas for personalised kids gifts.

Home Decorating With Gas Fireplace And Feng Shui

The modern trends of fireplaces have evolved but decorating homes are still based on the balance of the elements to successfully harmonize any living space. in feng shui, balancing of the five elements – fire, water, wood, earth and metal, are important when you are remodeling or decorating your home. . If you are buying a stove for sale, obviously you are adding an element of fire into your home. Any space with a gas fireplace will certainly exude a fiery element that emits heat embracing an ambiance and the people within it with warmth and console. This is ideal to heighten an intimacy of couples that want to restore a broken relationship.

When you search for a stove for sale or any other gas fireplace, you should consider the space and your existing furniture at home that will sit next to it. According to the feng shui masters, the south wall of your home is the best place to locate a gas fireplace. You may also locate a gas fireplace to any other areas of the house but be certain not to place them on the Northwest or the middle left part of your home. This area represents family and health. Placing the fire in this area can risk your health and relationships. Clean the space where you want to locate the fireplace; this way you do not get in the way for the heat energy to flow around the house, hence, you are not obstructing the Chi.

If you are placing your gas fireplace at the center of your home, be certain to balance it with other elements such as water. Finding a stove for sale can also weaken your health if you place it on the center of your home since it also represents the center of your body. Being exhausted with too much heat can ultimately weaken the body. Try incorporating water, wood, earth and metal elements. It does not literary tells you place a swimming pool next to gas fireplace for a water element. A small fountain or an aquarium will do but you can also use paintings or photographs with rivers, falls and the like. Other water element includes black furniture and mirrors. Placing a mirror next or near your gas fireplace is good to harmoniously balance and prevents the depletion of energy around the house. If it is a wood element, photographs or paintings of trees can help or if you can add real plants to show something that is alive and growing. Adding a television near the gas fireplace may not be a good idea. But if you and the rest of the family are fond of watching either shows on TV or DVDs, be certain to keep it hidden after use. You may use a cabinet to seal them or a projector screen that you can roll over when you’re done watching.

No matter how expensive or cheap a stove for sale can be, proper placement should always be considered. Ask a feng shui expert to help you deal with the movement of the Chi. At the end of the day what’s more important is your health and your family’s happiness beyond all the beautiful decors and furniture around the house.

House Plans – Gaining Popularity Of Reverse Living Floor Plans

According to research studies, architectures have found that traditionally the building industry saw two storey homes, where the living space was located on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second floor. With time, architects have come up with interesting floor plans and designs to not only ensure comfortable living but also to increase the style quotient. A popular alternative these days are the reverse floor plans which are also popularly known as reverse living house plans. Here we shall discuss the growing popularity of reverse living floor plans and the reasons behind its popularity.

Traditionally, the two storied homes had active living spaces such as the family room, study, dining room, kitchen and living room on the first floor. This ensured ease in movements during the busy schedules throughout a day. The areas of passive activities, where people generally do not make frequent or multiple trips, like the bedrooms were generally located on the second storey.

In case of a reversed living floor plan, there is reversal in the position of the bedrooms and living spaces in the home. Relationship of indoor living spaces to the outdoor environments shift for outdoor amenities or view corridors, as one looks for provisions to maximize exposure during the living time. A reverse house plan is particularly popular in areas with interesting scenic views created by skylines, eater expanses, stream, rivers, wildlife sanctuaries, marshes, hilltops, or mountains. The views that get blocked by the lower levels become easily visible when the living spaces are placed on the second storey of the house. These house plans can be relaxing and exciting getaways for those trying to escape the daily hustles and bustles of a busy city life. You will surely love to spend a relaxing holiday with your family and enjoy the serene environment around you.

In a reverse house plan, the bedrooms are relegated in the most calm and inactive areas of a house. In some cases the master bedroom is positioned on the second floor. This however, tends to vary according to the requirements of the owner and if he wants to enjoy the serene beauty of nature from the privacy of his bedroom. Communicating your ideas and plans to a professional architect can help you get a customized floor plan, suited to your needs and desires. So, if you think you want to enjoy the lush green nature, the superb landscapes to the fullest, reversed house floor plans are the best option for you. Even the reverse house plans come with different variations in designs and style that tend to vary based on available space, location, demography, climatic condition and personal choices. To find the best floor plan that suits the requirements of your family, you can go through different architectural designs and consider the plan that suits your budget and taste. A reverse living house plan is definitely one of the best ways to enhance functional aspect of your home enabling you to enjoy nature’s bounty at the same time.